Monday, 13 January 2014

Jan 13

Comprehension - Tomorrow
Prepare an elevator speech on social/whatever issues in Singapore

Financial Matters a - Discussion in class tomorrow, due Wednesday
Financial Matters b - due Friday
Probability 13.2 - Friday

Bring your Chinese dictionary the next lesson to write a composition.

Social Studies
Fill up the ingredients part of 'types of society' in the SS worksheet given today by next lesson

Bring your human Geog textbook to school. Leave your physical Geog one at home.
Write your dream destination and why on Facebook by tomorrow

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

8 Jan (Wed)

Disclaimer: very ugly homework

Accept blog invitation

Social Studies:
OVERDUE HOMEWORK (essay again. You people don't like essays)
Bring A4 exercise book
Bring file next lesson
Bring Sec 3 textbook
Accept G+ invitation

'Assignment' paper given today. Due 17 Jan

Update your particulars on SDM and acknowledge it by signing on the paper given today

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

January the Seventh.

This post is an add on to the previous one by Bel, so yeah check that out first HERE :D

   Bring Sheet-work 16: Static Electricity
   Page 151 - 160

   Get File Dividers for the sections:

  1. Readings
  2. Composition
  3. Writings
  4. Oral/Listening
  5. Others



Jan 7th (Tues)

HW: Answer the questions on the 'reading materials' by Friday
Others: Bring your LD for lessons

HW: Example 3 & 4 - tomorrow
Probability 3.1 by Friday

Others: Get your parents to sign the 'goals' paper and put it in your file
Empty your ring file (or you can get a new one)

HW: Revision WS + Homeostasis -Due tomorrow (don't worry about coordination and response yet)
Remedial HW: ...You can refer to the Google Site under 'remedial homework' I am not going to spoon feed you
Others: Bring LD, textbook for lessons
Empty your ring file (or get a new one)

Disclaimer: If you haven't noticed by now, you won't ever know what is Physics, History, HMTs, Media, Biotech and FOE homework so you people will need to help to contribute to the homework updates... 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Time Table - 3rd Jan 2014

Dear S407,

Here is the updated time-table.  Do look out for any other changes.

Let's move forward together.  Term 1 Week 1...


Lots of Love,

Mdm Azizah & Ms Mohan

Sharing with Pioneer Batch (3rd January 2014)

Dear S407,

We hope you have enjoyed and gained invaluable information through the sharing from Abu & Wen Kai.

May this continue to strengthen our belief that we can succeed.  Remember, you have the opportunity to value-add to the SST culture.

Lots of Love,
Mdm Azizah & Ms Mohan

S407 - Self-Introduction

Dear S407,

Please take time to fill in the form.  It is a way for us to get to know one another.  We hope to get the responses by 9 p.m., Sunday, 5th January 2014.

Thank you.

Lots of Love,
Mdm Azizah & Ms Mohan.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Whole Lot Of Stuff

Things to take note of:
1. Bring LD for next two weeks. 
2. Update details in SDM by today. 
3. Bring $2.35 for the CCE Reflection Journal tomorrow.
4. Accept this class blog's invitation.
5. Bring your signed report books tomorrow. 
6. Groom yourselves. Get your hair, nails, etc. cut. 
7. Sign the AUP form by 6th Jan, Mon. 
8. Bring your thermometer to school for temperature taking on 7th Jan, Tues. 
9. Get the CCA LEAPS verification done by 13th Jan, Mon. 
10. Always check your SST email!
11. Update your NYAA reflections. 

Welcome 2014!

Dear S407,

Thanks for the time in class.  Hope we will continue to work together to make it through this year.

Lots of love,
Mdm Azizah & Mrs Mohan