Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jan 7th (Tues)

HW: Answer the questions on the 'reading materials' by Friday
Others: Bring your LD for lessons

HW: Example 3 & 4 - tomorrow
Probability 3.1 by Friday

Others: Get your parents to sign the 'goals' paper and put it in your file
Empty your ring file (or you can get a new one)

HW: Revision WS + Homeostasis -Due tomorrow (don't worry about coordination and response yet)
Remedial HW: ...You can refer to the Google Site under 'remedial homework' I am not going to spoon feed you
Others: Bring LD, textbook for lessons
Empty your ring file (or get a new one)

Disclaimer: If you haven't noticed by now, you won't ever know what is Physics, History, HMTs, Media, Biotech and FOE homework so you people will need to help to contribute to the homework updates... 

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