Friday, 14 February 2014

Total Defence Day

Dear S407,

Please post your group discussion as follows :

Group 1 :  Civil Defence

Topic  :  _______________________

Question 1 : ____________________
Reflection  :  ___________________

Question 2 : ____________________
Reflection  :  ___________________

Please post your personal reflection as follows  :

Self-reflection  : _________________________

Thank you.

Mdm Azizah. Ahmad


  1. Economic
    1: water is a essesntial part of life . Without water there will be no way to sustain Singapores large population . Further more depending on other countries for water will make it easier to blockade or poison the aforementioned water.
    Q2: to avoid the consequences stated in question 1

    1. Group : Matthew aleem Godfrey and praveen

    2. Q2: it is to become self sufficient so other countries cannot threaten us.

    3. I feel we should do our part to safeguard the economy as we will eventually be the ones that are 'let out' into the society, thus we will need to earn money and also to help economic growth.

    4. I feel that it is natural for us to contribute economically for us to enjoy life. It would only benefit us

    5. I feel that it is useful that Singapore accepts help from other countries, however, it is more important to use our own resources in order to start managing ourselves as a country and not depend so much on external resources.

      - Sarah

  2. Group 3: Social Defence (Jasmine, Deepika & Sharifa)

    Question 1: What factors caused the Maria Hertogh riots in Singapore? Why is it important for Singaporeans to practice social defence in our daily lives?
    Reflection: The media manipulated the situation (the photo of Nadrah kneeling before a statue of Virgin Mary) which led to many assumptions and speculations about Nadrah's beliefs, which caused tension and conflict between the Malay community and the Dutch. Social defence is important as it affects the cohesion between different racial groups in Singapore and will lead to disastrous consequences.

    Question 2: How have you played your part/how can you do your part to strengthen ties with your friends from other races?
    Reflection: We practice racial sensitivity and do not bring up topics which may threaten the peace in Singapore.

    1. Aleem and Matthew: I believe that avoid ing the media on such issuwe is the wrong idea and that we should instead practice objective speech so s to not offend anybody

    2. I feel that we need to maintain healthy relationships with others and ensure that we can be safe around each other. Social cohesion is very important as if we can undrstand each other, there would be less tension and during a time of need we are able to help each other better.

  3. Group 5: Military Defence

    Topic: Introduction of National Service

    Question 1: What values and attitudes have you learnt from the experience shared in the write-up? What is the importance of such values and attitudes to our society?

    Reflection: Responsibility and passion in what you do. One such example is that a military expert quit his day job to join the Army as an assistant engineer. This shows that he was passionate in his military job and wants to play a part in defending Singapore. It is important as there is no point in forcing people to join the military if it is against their wishes. Hence, it is a good thing that there are people who want to join the Army willingly to play a part in defending Singapore.

    Question 2: What can you do to make Singaporeans who serve National Service, such as your brother or uncle, feel appreciated for defending Singapore?

    Reflection: Tell them that they are doing a good job, prepare food for them when they come back from NS.

    Team: Dexter, Bryan, KX and Gavin

  4. Civil Defence (Group: Mervin, Sarah, Fathiah, Christabel)
    1. How do you think the haze situation threatens Singapore's security?

    It is important Singaporeans need to stay vigilant about national emergencies. The haze tested Singaporeans' ability to react to the situation.

    2. Why do you think it is important for Singaporeans to demonstrate social responsibility and civic mindedness.

    Singaporeans have this mindset that Singapore has always been safe and protected.
    Singaporeans will need to look out for each other so for Singapore to progress.

    1. This is Bryan. I feel that we should help each other out during a crisis. Once we have succeeded in doing so, only then will we be able to harmoniously live with each other

    2. I think that since singapore is a small country with limited resources. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that it's safe and always improving in a better way.

  5. Group 4: Psychological Defense
    By: Nathaniel, Pravin, Ragul and Alvin

    What values and attitudes were demonstrated by the Singapore community a decade ago during the SARS outbreak: [Inference] What is the importance of such values and attitudes to our society? [Question at Issue]

    The nurses at the Tan Tock Seng hospital dedicate long hours to nurse the patients back to health. Some nurses and surgeons even died due to infection of SARS while on duty. This shows the determination spirit of the nurses and surgeons in their work. Some taxi drivers picked up health care workers when they were turn down by other cabbies as they have fear that they have SARS. This shows that some people are willing to help even with the knowledge that they will also be infected by this SARS. Organizations helped to prevent the spread of SARS, by placing controls measures such as temperatures check. Through this thorough action, this shows that the leaders are vigilant in their work to reduce the risk of SARS to continue to infect others in Singapore. Determination, acceptance, and being vigilant are the 4 aspects of values that helped to stop the outbreak of SARS in Singapore event further. Due to all this, Singapore managed to be SARS-free on 1st May 2003.

    How can ordinary citizens like you play your part n defending Singapore in such a situation [Point of View]

    When we feel sick, with symptoms that might be signs of having SARS, we will stay away from crowded areas or go to schools, and go and visit a doctor to consult what to do next. This way, we will be able to contain the SARS virus and reduce the risk of infections on others.

    1. Self reflection: Pravin
      I feel that we should do our part for any of the 5 pillars of total defense as best as we can. Because Singapore is our home and it is our responsibility to take care of our home. Thus, we should play our part for Singapore.

    2. Ragul Balaji2/14/2014 12:49 pm

      Self reflection: Ragul
      Singapore is a SMALL island, and we sure do have 'friendly' neighbors as seen during the 2013 Haze and the Naming of A CERTAIN NAVY SHIP. We see the NEED for Total Defence

    3. In response to Question 1:
      Such dedication of the staff at TTSH is admirable. Such attitudes is needed is Singapore as many Singaporeans tend to want to fend for themselves (like I would HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)

      I feel that such occupations like doctors and nurses have sacrificed alot for singapore and we should look up to them
      I feel that we should think of such people as an inspiration and aspire to be more like them.


    4. Self reflection: Nathaniel
      We as Singaporeans should have a strong sense of national pride and we should take care and protect our home. Thus total defense remides us of this.

    5. We may not have the immediate help from other countries in times of need, so it is important for Singaporeans to be ready to react responsibly. We must be able to have the unity to solve problems. With unity, size is not a big issue.

    6. Self Reflection: Alvin
      In order to reduce the outbreak of viruses, we should always take of ourselves and be mindful of others. If we do not want to spread SARS, we must always check our temperature and make sure when we are sick, we visit the doctor, wear a mouth mask and stay away from crowded area or go to school.

  6. I feel that everyone has a part to play to make Singapore a better place for everyone. Anyone can contribute to one or more of the pillars of total defence. This will also make us feel mroe at home