Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Homework (11/3)

English: Refer to EL blog for task by tomorrow.
Malay: Karangan due 26 March.
Chinese: (not updated)
Tamil: (not updated)

Math: Do all homework from the Vectors worksheet (parts A, B, C, D) by tomorrow.

Chem: Topic for SPA is Energy from Chemicals, on Term 2 Week 1. Bring Chem file with Level Test filed in tomorrow.
Bio: Reproduction in Plants from Bio WB by tomorrow. Bring $8 for Biology Yearly TYS book.
Physics: (not updated)

SS: Finish the respective parts for the three groups in Google+ SS page if you have not done so.

Biotech: -
FoE: (not updated)
Media: (not updated)
Design: (not updated)

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